– Between 2018 – 2019 Australia reported 231,000 break ins.   
– 20.3% of Australian homes, at some point, have been burgled
– 75% of burglars take less that 5 minutes to enter a property

 Whether it’s at home or work, everyone has the right to feel safe and protected. The best way to deter intruders, prevent theft from your premises and ensure your peace of mind is to have a system installed that allows you to monitor all entrances and surrounds. 

Electrical Services Queensland will come to your site to assess your camera requirements so that we can offer a system that is tailored to your exact needs and budget.
Lack of light or excess light, and other external elements, will determine the brand and number of cameras we use throughout the installation.

All cameras used by ESQ are fitted with recorders that detail any activity that occurs in the close vicinity of your property or offices. Protecting you day and night, these CCTV systems are built with infrared capabilities, enabling footage to be recorded during the hours of darkness when your property is most vulnerable.
Our favourite feature of our preferred products is that they allow you to check on and view your property via an app on your phone or tablet. 



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