Lighting Design

Lighting designs are one of our specialties, so if you need a customised design, we’ve got you covered. We can provide designs for your home renovations or your large commercial site.

Our experience working on film sets and large entertainment venues (such as Eat Street Northshore, Timezone and Kingpin) has provided us with the knowledge and skills to create designs that are unique and extraordinary for your space. Whether you want a space that is warm and inviting or uplifting and energetic, we believe small details make a world of difference, and that lighting has the power to change that mood.

Lighting Efficiency

Many properties have outdated light fittings that can cause unnecessarily high power bills. By making a simple switch to energy efficient light fittings, we have seen savings of up to 80 percent!

ESQ can offer advice on switching to LED Downlights or more efficient pendant lights. So, if you want to start seeing savings on your power bill, give us a call today.